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Alcohol Tester Cheetah-1 – Each

R4,783.31 Vat Incl

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Introducing the Alcohol Tester Cheetah-1, available for individual purchase. This cutting-edge device offers a combination of speed, stability, and accuracy for efficient alcohol testing.

Key Features:

  • Fast, Stable, and Accurate: The Cheetah-1 ensures rapid and reliable results.
  • Automatic Air Extraction: The motor continuously extracts air at a speed of no less than 0.8L/min.
  • OLED Digital Display: Clear and intuitive display for easy reading of results.
  • Wand Type for Truck Access Control Points: Designed for convenient use in various settings, including truck access control points.
  • Rapid Breath Alcohol Analyzer: Enables quick testing for efficient screening.
  • UK-Made Electrochemical/Fuel Cell Alcohol Sensor: High-reliability sensor for precise measurements.
  • No Mouthpieces Required: Streamlined testing process without the need for additional accessories.
  • Traffic Baton and Flashlight Illumination Function: Features a built-in flashlight with two 3W lights for added functionality.
  • Large Battery Capacity: Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V/3000mAh) for extended usage.
  • Long-lasting Operation: Can perform tests for more than 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Wide Testing Range: Covers a range of 0 to 80mg/100mL BAC (blood alcohol concentration).
  • Operational Temperature Range: Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -5 to 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Storage Temperature Range: Can be stored in environments between -30 to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Quick Results: Supports self-adjustment on the instrument, providing results in just 1 second.
  • Environmental Conditions: Works within an environmental pressure of 600-1400hpa and ambient temperature of 20-98%r.h.
  • Vibration Reminder: Alerts users when the alcohol concentration exceeds the preset value.

Choose the Alcohol Tester Cheetah-1 for a comprehensive and efficient solution to alcohol testing needs.