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Alcohol Tester KY8600 compact 75g Unit – Each

R2,349.45 Vat Incl

Introducing the Alcohol Tester KY8600 compact 75 g unit, powered by AAA batteries. Sold individually, this UK-made device boasts an electrochemical/fuel cell-based sensor for precise and reliable results.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Weighing just 75 grams, the KY8600 is small and easy to carry, making it ideal for personal use.
  • AAA Battery Powered: Equipped with two AAA-size alkaline batteries, ensuring convenient and easily replaceable power sources.
  • UK-Made Sensor: Utilizes an electrochemical/fuel cell-based sensor, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in breath alcohol level determination.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Simple and easy to operate, the handheld instrument provides a quick and accurate preliminary assessment of an individual’s breath alcohol level.
  • Designed for Personal Use: Tailored for personal use, the KY8600 is a handy tool for individuals who require a compact and efficient alcohol testing solution.

Choose the Alcohol Tester KY8600 for its compact form, ease of operation, and the assurance of accurate results with its UK-made electrochemical/fuel cell sensor technology.