Dromex® A1 Single Unifit Filter

R135.00 Vat Incl


Dromex® A1 Single Unifit Filter is lightweight, reusable and used in conjunction with the Dromex single cartridge respirator. This cartridge filters organic gases and vapours with a boiling point greater than 65 degrees Celsius present in the atmosphere. Dromex DHCS A1 cartridges are designed to be used with Dromex pre-filters (DHCS P2PF only) to provide protection against particulates and also to prolong the life of the corresponding gas filter. This happens by providing additional protection against oil when working in greasy environments. Use all respiratory equipment in conjunction with BS EN 529:2005 safety recommendations.

Materials include: grey Polystyrene filter case, polyethylene terephthalate pre filter pad, activated carbon and more. Packed as one set (2) of cartridges, shrink wrapped in a polybag preventing contamination and sold as 70 sets in a box.

Product Info
  • Valve replaced with every filter
  • Individually sealed
  • Left hand thread for single
Product Rating
  • EN141:2000 (EN14387:2004 +A1 2008)
  • NRCS AZ2011/70
  • Organic

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