Dromex® B1 Twin Unifit Filter

R155.00 Vat Incl

Dromex® B1 Twin Unifit Filter. These light weight, reusable gas cartridges are used in conjunction with Dromex twin cartridge respirators (DH-102, DH-202 and DH-FFM). Designed to filter out medium concentrations of inorganic gases and vapours in the atmosphere. Dromex B1 twin unifit filter cartridges can be used with Dromex pre-filters to provide protection against particulates. Also prolonging the life of the corresponding gas filter by adding additional protection against oil when working in greasy environments. Maximum filter capacity: Low 1000 ppm.

  • Valve replaced with every filter
  • Individually sealed
  • Right hand thread for twin
Product Rating
  • CE EN 14387:2004 +A1:2008 B1
  • NRCS AZ2011/54
  • Inorganic

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