Dromex® Bushmaster Ear Defender

R320.00 Vat Incl

Dromex® Bushmaster Face and Hearing Protection:

  • Design: Combines earmuffs with a wire mesh visor for maximum comfort and protection.
  • Usage: Suitable for environments where head protection such as safety helmets is not required, such as machining, grinding, tree felling, woodwork, and forestry.
  • Earmuffs (CEM):
    • Close-fitting wire headband ensures comfort, adjustability, and low risk of entanglement.
    • Twin-point mounted cups for even pressure distribution.
    • Self-adjusting cups provide a perfect fit.
    • Soft foam cushions ensure all-day comfort.
    • Suitable for high noise levels.
  • Wire Mesh Visor (WMV):
    • Provides face protection from flying objects, stones, etc.
    • Visor can easily flip up and down for convenience.
  • Product Rating:
    • CE EN 352-1 certified with H=36 dB, M=27 dB, L=18 dB noise reduction levels.
    • SNR (Single Number Rating) of 30 dB.
  • Composition: High-frequency ABS cups ensure durability and longevity.

This Dromex® Bushmaster face and hearing protection system is designed for extended use in noisy environments, providing both comfort and reliable protection from various hazards.