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Dromex® Interex Ear Muffs – Each

R210.00 Vat Incl

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Dromex® Interex Ear Muffs

Sold Individually – 1 Pair

  • Interex Ear Muffs
  • With Helmet Universal Mount
  • Special DROMEX connector and fit (all hard hats)

    Twin point mounted cups

    Large cup for high noise levels

    Easy to attach and detatch with spring loaded arms

    Steel arms maintain a constant and even pressure

    For use in hot and cold conditions

    Wearer can tilt and adjust cup for optimum comfort and fit

    Composite safety solution

    High frequency earmuffs

    Product Rating: CE EN 352-3 ( H=31, M=26, L=19), SNR 28

    Twin point mounted cups

    Steel arms

    Suitable for use in Machining, Grinding, Steel cutting and Woodwork