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Dromex® Suspension Intolerance Strap

R325.00 Vat Incl

Dromex® Suspension Intolerance Strap is an invaluable fall arrest system
accessory as it is used by a victim of fall arrest to combat the ill effects of suspension trauma,
by alleviating and relocating pressure on the body while the user waits for his/her rescue,
suspended in his/her harness providing the comfort of standing.

This suspension device features the following:

  • • A double, Y shaped lanyard (PN361N) with steel scaffold hooks and an energy absorber
    that is attached on the single Dorsal D-ring of the harness.
    • A compact and light-weight pouch deign that does not hamper the activity of the user
    while at work.
    • Allows the suspended worker to stand up in his harness to relieve pressure on his legs.
    • Easy to attach to the harness between the waist and thigh areas with the help of the
    textile loop provided.
    • Simple deployment.
    • In the event of a fall, the victim can easily zip-open the pouches and attach together the
    deployed webbing straps with the help of a convenient buckle.
    • Once deployed the textile loops on the legs straps allow for adjustment to the height of
    the worker.

Download Datasheet