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Dromex® Twin Tool Lanyard

R189.00 Vat Incl

Dromex® Twin Tool Lanyard allows easy attachment of
tools onto the user’s harness system while working at heights. Should the
tool happen to fall, these lanyards prevent tools from reaching the ground,
hitting or hurting a person and from possibly breaking.

These lanyards feature the following:
• An elasticated webbing stretch lanyard, acts as a shock absorber,
gradually stopping the tool if dropped.
• A lanyard tool loop that is adjustable which holds a tool of weight of up
to 10kg.
• Made of 20mm wide tubular webbing.
• Provided with a light-weight Karabiner for attachment to the user’s belt.
• Relaxed length: 85 cm, expanded length: 135 cm
• Model DFA-TL02 is a “Y’ leg stretch dual tool lanyard design for tool
holding, allowing the user to attach and carry 2 tools.

Download Datasheet