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Glass Spill Kit

R534.75 Vat Incl

Glass Spill Kit

  • Purpose: A glass spill kit is specifically designed to clean up broken glass, a common hazard in various environments.

Common Environments:

  • Laboratories: Essential for safely handling broken glass in lab settings.
  • Workshops: Used to clean up glass hazards in workshop environments.
  • Factories: Necessary in factories where broken glass can occur.
  • Industrial Settings: Employed in various industrial environments to manage glass spills.

Public Spaces:

  • Schools: Found in schools to address incidents of broken glass.
  • Airports: Used in airports to quickly clean up broken glass.
  • Shopping Centers: Essential in shopping centers for managing glass hazards.
  • High-Risk Areas: Suitable for any public area where broken glass incidents are likely.


  • Injury Reduction: Helps reduce the risk of injury from broken glass.
  • Health and Safety: Prevents potential health and safety hazards by ensuring a quick and effective cleanup.
This Kit Includes:
  • 12.5 Litre Bucket
  • Dust Pan Set
  • Bannister Brush
  • Slimline Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Gloves
  • Edu Dough