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Magill Forceps – Each

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Magill Forceps are sold individually

  • Dual Angled Design:
    • Crafted with dual angles, facilitating easy usage in both the oro- and hypopharynx areas during laryngoscopy procedures.
  • Direct Visual Contact:
    • Maintains direct visual contact throughout the procedure for enhanced precision and control.
  • Main Purpose:
    • Aids in the precise maneuvering of the endotracheal (ET) tube during nasal intubations, ensuring accurate placement in the airway.
  • Nasal Intubation Focus:
    • Specifically designed for nasal intubations where accuracy is crucial for successful airway management.
  • Specialized Instrument:
    • Tailored for medical professionals to perform intricate maneuvers with ease and confidence, enhancing patient safety during procedures.