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Metzenbaum – 12.5cm – Stainless Steel Scissor – Each

R63.48 Vat Incl

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  • Metzenbaum Sold Individually
  • Surgical scissors specifically designed for cutting delicate tissue and facilitating blunt dissection during medical procedures.

    Meticulously crafted for precision and control in handling delicate tissues.

    Primarily used for precise cutting without causing excessive trauma to the tissue.

    Commonly employed in surgical procedures where delicate tissue manipulation and cutting are essential.

    Available in different variations, such as curved and straight, to accommodate various surgical needs.

    Typically constructed from high-quality stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

    Essential tools in the toolkit of surgeons and medical professionals requiring precision and finesse in tissue manipulation.

    Metzenbaum scissors play a crucial role in delicate surgeries, providing surgeons with the specialized tools needed for precise tissue cutting and blunt dissection, ultimately contributing to successful surgical outcomes.