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Powerplus Low Foaming Machine Washing Powder

R263.35 Vat Incl

Sold in a 5 kg Bag

Low-foaming washing powder

Superior heavy-duty washing powder with sodium perborate. POWERPLUS is an excellent all-purpose laundry detergent. It can be used on all types of fabrics, on colored items and whites with one exception. It is not recommended to use alkaline detergents on woolen garments, rather a neutral product should be used e.g. NUTRIX, a liquid, or G.P. POWDER if a powder is preferred.

Laundry For hand washing, dissolve 75 grams per 10lts of water

For machine washing, add 50-100 grams per 10kg of washing dry weight

General cleaning of Hard Surfaces Dissolve 100 grams per 10lts of water

Apply solution by brush, spray, or mop, scrub surfaces and rinse with tap water

Heavily Soiled Surfaces and Equipment Dissolve 250-500 grams per 10lts of water Clean surfaces using spray, brush or mop, and rinse with tap water

Please Note that Chemicals are not Stored On Site and there is a 3 working day lead time between order and dispatch