Dromex® Bump Cap

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Dromex® Bump Cap

Dromex industrial bump cap is a cotton baseball style cap with an inner head foam and sweat band. The cap provides the head with protection in low-risk situations to reduce exposure to lacerations, abrasions or minor bumps to the head. Not intended to provide protection against the effects of falling or thrown objects. It’s low dome profile makes it easy to wear with other PPE items. These items can include ear plugs, spectacles, goggles or respiratory masks.

This is not an industrial safety helmet. The bump cap does not provide protection against the effects of falling/ thrown objects or moving suspended loads. Do not use a bump cap instead of an industrial safety helmet, as specified in EN 397. This bump cap is made to absorb the energy of a blow by partial destruction/damage to the shell and the harness. For safety purposes you should replace your bump cap if it sustains any severe damage. Available in navy blue as well as black.

Complies and approved with the requirements of EN 812:2012, Industrial bump caps.

Product Info
  • 80% Cotton 20% Polyester Bump Cap
  • Ventilated, baseball cap style
  • Conforms to EN 812

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